Topic: registration difficulties


We have had huge problems with spammers (porn, silly stuff, nonsense, etc) and some of the "spam attacks" appear to be automated. Some kind of software that just goes around trolling for sites to place endless hyperlinks.
If we didn't do anything about it, it would choke up the forum in a matter of days. To give you an idea, in the last three days I have had no less than 118 "applications" for joining Writers Harbor via the forum, and one through the main page.
We have reason to believe these 118 are 99 per cent spam orientated.
To combat that, we are working with our coders.
The problem is how to let the genuine writers and commenters through, whilst keeping the Neanderthals and the little children OUT.
If you are having difficulties, you can always email me through the main page ("Admin") or direct to

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. It's quite a problem, but we are working on it.l