Topic: Beta testing 4th button on Interface #1

9/5/2011    If you go to Interface #1 (by clicking on anybody's avatar) you will see a 4th button has been added.
In addition to "View All works", "My favorite stories" and "best stories by others" you will now also see "Story Guide".
A 5th button is planned, which will be "Personal Profile".   The first three buttons are easily understood, and if you want to see an example, have a look at mine, under "Francis Meyrick".
1) difference between "Story Guide" and 1B) "Personal Profile"
2) what to do about many "dead" links, caused by people not completing their personal information, or understanding how to do same.

1)  I'm looking to split the two functions. A "personal profile" would be: you, your cat, your wife, your motorbike, your favorite music, greetings box, news box, shout-out box, fun, more fun, break-the-ice, silly, hilarious, whatever. If you can dream it up, we can probably write the code for it.
1B) But a "Story Guide" would be much more directionally focused. What you wrote, why you wrote it, maybe where, and when. Influences in your writing. Reasons for your writing. Objectives? Mission? Non-mission? If you look at mine, it's far from what i want, but it's a start, and I have many hyperlinks in there, which lead direct to the stories. So, for example, I could tell you I was deeply influenced and distressed in my Life by the civil war in Northern Ireland, and then POINT you direct to my stories about that war... I think it has the potential to make a reader's exploration of a writer more directional, more transparent, more interesting, and more fun.
2)  "Dead" links. Because most people have not completed all the options in their account, or do not yet understand those options, you will click on many buttons, and discover there is nothing there. No "favorites", no "Story Guide", no nothing.
I understand that, and it will take time. Now I have asked the coders to think of a way to SHOW there is nothing (yet)  behind the button. The first three buttons ("View all works" "my favorite stories" and "best stories by others"): I have asked the coders to add a number between brackets. So if you see an icon that says; "My Favorite Stories (20)" you would then know there are 20 stories favorited by that writer. If you, on the other hand, saw "Best Stories by Others (0)" you would know there is nothing there (yet).  The two buttons we are working on right now, i.e. "Story Guide" and "Personal Profile" are a little harder. I have asked if there is a way to perhaps make them BLINK/FLASH when they are ACTIVE.

Any ideas? Comments?

Re: Beta testing 4th button on Interface #1

Sounds great!  One suggestion -- you might want to advertise about this forum post on the HOME page of Writers Harbor so that more members will be likely to read it.