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I'm prejudiced, because I wrote the darn thing.  I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours sweating over it. Being a two fingered typist (SLOW), and burning the midnight candle, I often wondered what the friggin' hell I thought I was going to accomplish. But every so often, out of the blue yonder of Cyberspace, some total stranger emails me and says "thanks, Bud". Or somebody contacts me on Facebook and wants to be friends.
So.... I dunno.
You tell me.

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Well, I just can't stop reading "THE Manual!"... The insight into the industry gained from your writings is invaluable, as are the little tips to us newbies... I think it should be mandatory reading for anyone considering going into this line of work! I feel better informed and better armed to deal with situations that will no doubt arise, and I hope that my amber caution light is working well!

Thanks for all your work creating this masterpiece of potential life-saving information!

Re: I'm prejudiced

The two fingered typing technique is aka the double Christopher Columbus method of typing. It represents a 100% increase in efficiency over the original Christopher Columbus method. To wit, discover a letter key, and land on it.