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My name is Francis, aka "Moggy". I flew tuna boats from 1995 through 2000.  I worked for Big Eye Helicopters, Hoffman Helicopters, and Tropic Helicopters, where I spent a year as Chief Pilot. During my time there, nobody got hurt.  I'm grateful for that.
I started on the Bell 47, moving up to a Hughes 500 "C" and later a Hughes 500 "D" model.
I have never scratched a helicopter yet, but, if I was to be honest, I HAVE "alarmed myself" to the point of needing a mental cigarette or twenty! I don't pretend to be the perfect pilot.
I think "dumb luck" at times was a factor.
It was a strange moment, passing through 10,000 hours and realizing that I still had two things:  a) no helicopter accidents and b) a great love for it.
It's still not a job. In 2010 I've knocked up just under 700 hours so far hanging over the Gulf of Mexico in a Bell 407, and I know, deep down, that the day I have to hang up my head sets will be a sad one. I'm an addict. I love it.
How 'bout you?

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I loved your "Moggy's Tuna Blog" I read it from cover to cover, so to speak. I hope to get on with a fish spotter for several reasons, and plan to re read the blog to cement it more in my mind. I have a good idea of some hazards to look for. In my opinion the best pilots know what to look for and when to look for it. Timing is everything, and surprises are minimized, even zeroed. By the way Moggy, can I have a more unrestricted posting status ? All my posts have to be approved before publishing. I can't keep track of where I am. I think I have double posted more than once.

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