Topic: Your Best Day

With regards to flying,
My best would have to be the day I lead a 4 plane formation flight for a bombing, and strafing training flight. We were on detachment to El Centro Ca. Otherwise known as El Sweato.
There are four bomb ranges close by, Shatetree, Loom Lobby, Inky Barley, and Kitty Baggage. As I recall we were at Shadetree.
Our formation of 4 A4-J skyhawks in the high 30 degree dive bomb pattern performed well. When it was time for the 10 degree strafe low pattern, I remember transitioning like I was on rails, and zenning into having all the pattern parameters perfect.
As I rolled out into my first dive, cleared the range, and selected master arm hot, I remember I was right on all the numbers, when I reached firing altitude, the gunsight pipper was right on the bullseye as I squeezed the trigger of the 20mm cannon, and it fired, but jammed after the first round, which was common.
But as I began the pullout, I distinctly saw the vapor trail of the bullet, and it arced ever so perfectly right into the center of the bullseye. I still get a great sense of satisfaction when I think about that moment.
Now if you want my rotary best moment, I shall have to think a lot about that, but I'm sure I don't have an experience in rotary as comparable.

I have thought of my rotary best moment, and my best combined, but I shall save them until my posting privileges are upgraded. Moggy, can my posts be self approved ? Every one has been met with the message "Your post will need approval and moderation", or some such.