Topic: Is there a distinct G.R.A.B.effect in "genuine" writing websites?

I wonder is there a distinct G.R.A.B. effect in "genuine" Cyberspace writing websites?
In real life we are surrounded with prejudice and bias.  "Swamped" might be a better word. And on the Internet, we see the same thing happening. An exception might just be occurring on those sites, where people share a genuine love of a particular art form.
For instance:  writing websites.

1)  G
Gender       I was exploring this theme the other day in my fictional short story "The one night stand". That peculiar 'behind the scenes' exploration/presence of sexuality that comes and goes as two members of the opposite sex meet together.
Does it matter, when you are reading a story on Writers Haven or Writers Harbor?  I think not. We are looking mostly at the story, and the fact that it is written by a male or a female, pretty or ugly, becomes -largely- irrelevant. Certainly, there will still be the hungry ones hunting for a partner, who have very little interest in creative writing. Strayed mysteriously from MySpace and Facebook, they might be looking more at the pretty face than the letters. Broadly speaking however, the importance of gender is lessened, don't you think?
2)   R
Racial prejudice.  In this day and age, with the Human Genome project establishing clearly that racial genetic differences are so infinitely tiny as to be negligible, it seems to me the case is proven beyond any doubt that we ARE all brothers and sisters. Period.
Seems to me that "race" on a genuine writing website is much less important than in real life, and is in fact almost a non-issue?
3)  A
Age.  Does it matter on a genuine love-of-writing website? Can a seventeen year old fall in love with a seventy year old writer?
I think so. Not sexually,or romantically, but creatively. If you like, spiritually. A good writing website can help people see past the MINOR (?) attributes of age, gender and race. And focus on the writing.
4)  B
Bias.  Bias in general. Does it matter what the writer's job is, when he or she is examining such common human experiences such as Love, Death, Romance, Longing, Heartache?
Does it matter if the writer is rich? Poor? University Educated? Self taught? A Professor?  A carpet cleaner? An engineer? A lawnmower repair man?

So, for my part, I DO think there IS a distinct GRAB effect at work on "genuine" love-of-writing websites.

What say ye?

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I think there is a lot in what you say. Not just on writing web sites?  I think a similar effect is taking place on, say, YouTube?

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Hey Francis, It's Nicole, don't know if I'm signed in or not. Anyway just wanted to let you know age SO matters on the internet (especially on the net), I found a few really old guys on the "Other" site whom I know are buttering up young girls to have cyber sex with them (giving their writing good reviews and creatively "bonding" with them). Know this because I publicly exposed one and three 18 y/o's PM'd telling me how "mean" I was and that he is "the nicest man." Yeah, right.

Re: Is there a distinct G.R.A.B.effect in "genuine" writing websites?

The question of the moment "Is there a distinct G.R.A.B.effect in "genuine" writing websites?"
Polemics might play a role in my answer, and maybe even semantics. "genuine" would have to be defined and mutually agreed upon, as would "writing website" By all my perceptions this would be the most genuine of writing websites. There is a gentleness here, a sense of security, a writers loft as one might picture a painter's loft. A corner of the world where we can express our craft unfettered, and away from any outside influence.
Gender, my mind wanders to my most powerful image associated with it. Traditionally it's male and female. But before long other nominees for "other" gender become apparent. Hermaphrodite. A combination of the Greek gods Hermes, and Aphrodite. As an aside the Greek gods are one of my favorite subjects. Homosexual males and females. Transgenders. Transsexuals. Full and partial sex changes male to female and female to male. My favorite is male lesbian, and female homosexual. I can claim to be a woman trapped in a man's body, who yearns for other women. But the other women can't be male lesbians. Anyway, with my military background, conversion of military housing to accomodate all genders. My image goes from one gender berthing to two to 12 by my count. All the shipbuilders, and barracks builders coming in with their tools, and materials and sparks flying.
My mind conjures up images of songs and other pop culture when I think of this word. I also form an image of 2 of the definitions of race merging. Are the races in a race? A Space race? Outer or inner ?
It's just so easy to be ageist if you are limited to strictly the chronological age. But of course there is emotional age. Intellectual age. Spiritual age. Physical age. Maturity age. Not all coexist equally in any one person.
It can be a good, bad, or indifferent force. But it cannot be separated from the human condition. I like to think that I can be objective despite my biases. And I think this is true considering all the biases I am aware of. But do I have biases I am not aware of ? How can I compensate objectively for biases I may have that I am not aware of. How can anybody ?
I shall have to give this GRAB theory more thought, as this is literally my first exposure to the concept encapsulated in this fashion.
When I do, and maybe by then also with the added advantage of some other input, I can more intelligently address these issues.