Topic: How?

How do you keep a web site attractive to people?

In terms of ethics and morality, by promoting freedom of speech, whilst cracking down on hate and intolerance.
I've flat out deleted and banned out and out porn, hate, smut, and childishness.
Now I know, yes, we can have a great debate about freedom of speech here. But to my mind, what passes for freedom of speech is often just a shallow mind expressing its lack of depth by dragging its rusting keel along the bottom. (yawn) Boring-boring.

So there IS such a thing as frickin' Bull Fertiliser.
Not too interested in stepping in it. Or standing there, and admiring it.

Re: How?

Porn is pretty obvious, smut falls into the same category. Sexuality can walk the fence, it's such a powerful driving force anyway. Hate is a double edged sword. We should not promote it, yet it should not be disregarded. It is an excellent topic, because passion can cross the line right into it. Exploring these boundaries is real paydirt in terms of understanding the human condition in my book. A clinical approach is best. Native son comes to mind. The primitive rage and brutish instincts that are deep in the psyche of most of us, and just under the surface in some. Getting back to young people. Keeping a web site attractive to them is not the highest priority. Keeping it attractive to developing creative writers, and even developed creative writers, along with aspiring creative writers. I haven't explored the full scope of the forum yet. In some you can in forum message, and in others you can e-mail message other members. A mentor and companion system might be just what the doctor ordered.