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I read the novel before I saw the movie. Both were haunting for me. I think "Lara's theme" is one of the most moving works of music I have ever heard.  I wonder how most of us can ever truly write a great novel, unless we are moved deeply, almost beyond words, by great events surrounding us.
And then I ask myself: is that true?
Is there a great novel inside of us, that we don't even recognize?
I guess we don't know until we try.

I'd like to see us encourage one another in the long and arduous task of novel writing. I have written one, and the second one languishes 70 to 80 per cent complete, for lack of creative diligence and discipline.

If you are in the same boat, let's talk! And see if we can help each other along.

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My all time favorite novel is "The Brothers Karamosov" Fyodor  Dostoyevsky which I have read three times over the past fifty years. Each time I find something I missed in previous readings.

Second would be Günter Grass' "Danzig Trilogy: The Tin Drum, Cat and Mouse and Dog Years" insight into what it was like growing up in Danzig during WW II. Grass won the Nobel Prize for Literature for The Tin Drum which was also made into a movie

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The experience of growing up in Danzig during WW2... that would have been something pretty traumatic. I had some experiences in Poland, during the Solidarity protest era,  when we were all bracing ourselves for a Russian armed invasion. I need to write it up one day.

I also wondered about a sequel to "Jeremy's War" which would explore that time.