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I don't care what anybody says, but it was pure greed the day that certain employers stripped perfectly good C20 engines out of their Hughes 500 helicopters, SOLD THEM, and replaced them with cheapo C18 military surplus engines found lying around...where?.... Vietnam??

The job is dangerous enough for newbies, without throwing in the extra hazard of sub standard, incredibly outdated equipment!  Ask any Hughes 500 operator in the United States today about this, and they all roll their eyes: "ONLY on tuna boats!"

I protest.

This is just money-money-money, and to hell with the consequences: there is always another eager beaver, desperate for flight time, willing to risk his neck.

Here is a photo of just such a tuna helicopter employer:

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Re: C18 military surplus engines

Surely it is more cost effective to have the c-20 and not so many machines having engine failures and ditching with the possibility of a total loss? It seems like a false
economy to have a military surplus engine, especially as they have different limits... I believe in the Loach it was 30 minutes in the yellow on the torque? But then, they had
the ability to swap the units out on a more regular basis than any civillian company could ever afford to..