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So let's get on with it. We must put the case for Brexit anew. We must take nothing for granted. It doesn't matter what we do with the money. We can put it in the NHS or buy pink elephants with it. The point is it's hard working British peoples' money and it should be spent on them. The EU is not democratic. The people who run it are oligarchical despots - and not benevolent ones either. Paying all this money for "free trade" - what a contradiction in terms! And who benefits? Not the ordinary people who stump up the cash! And why, for this "free trade" do we have to let Brussels/ Strasbourg (EU have two Parliaments) make 59% of our laws? How does that work? Well, it doesn't. We only rubber stamp their commands in our Parliament. We are vassals and our Parliament is a puppet EU...
All Puffed Up It amuses me. People who have achieved "some" knowledge.  Indeed, "some" skill. Definitely "some" expertise. But for "some" reason, they puff up into wind bags. And then they can impact people's lives. Often, not for the Good.  It just seems to be the way Man is programmed: he just loves Praise, Reward,...
Feelings are good: I feel, therefore I am The Importance of Self - or Not                        Index... The Soul resides in the Greenhouse of our surrounding Senses What do I mean by that? Well, for it to work properly, light has to come in, to illuminate, and provide energy for growth. Those panes of glass need to allow the light through. IF they become dusty, dirty, muddy, then the light has a hard time getting through. Eventually, it can't get through at all.... It's never too late to find that Perfect Love Well, hell no. go back to list of possible Tunnels Out?    go back to Index? Wanted - an HONEST FOOL In an age of screamingly strident Political Correctness, how easy it is to hide behind the blank facade of non-committal.   Long Live the Multiple shades of Gray on Gray. On Gray. On the other hand, to BE, to EXIST, to LIVE, in glorious shades of noisy techni-color, means to be COMMITTED. And ruffle a few...
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I'm real relieved that "Moggy's Tuna Manual" is finally published, and here is the link: Unlike the other series, "Blip on the Radar" and...
Posted 6/10/2013      Kentucky Fried God - New Cyberportal One of the issues we ran into, as the site grew steadily bigger, was the fact that people would say they were visiting for the...
    Posted 6/10/2013      WWW.HELISTORIAS.COM I have received a lot of interest over the years from Spanish speaking helicopter pilots, who expressed a wish to read our stories in...
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