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       If you are a CONTRACTOR willing to help RESCUE these victims... 9/29/17 So some of these people are hurting badly. I already found one local contractor who was so shocked by reading about case #3, that he said to me: "I have young daughters myself. This is NOT right. It's getting late in the summer, but I would love to see those girls enjoy their promised pool for what's left of the warm weather. I will be more than willing to heavily discount our services to get the pool going. We normally do Air Conditioning work, so the rest of that mess is not our main line of work. However, let's go there, see what all is going on, and discuss with the homeowner..." So we have a meeting set up with the hopeful homeowners for next... THE STREAM              last update: 12/9/16   step # 19   Embrace the Yearning A Decision to be made List of possible Stepping Stones Across   -   pick any one    ...
"Choose Life - come join the funky people"    "I am a child of the Universe, and I am loved"                                    go back to Index? WELCOME TO THIS...
Angus - We all love you so much 11/18/14 Yesterday morning, at work, I heard the stunning news. Angus, my second son, 24 years old, has taken his own life. Words cannot convey the hurt. Angus - we all love you so much. You were so kind, and gentle. You brightened up this world. Through my tears, past my chest that feels as if I have a large rock in it, despite trembling fingers...
Interfaith Tolerance The Muslims are to hold a ceremony in the Washington National Cathedral, and for some reason, people are all upset about it. But why? Here is the article. Muslims are coming to Church - what's wrong with that? I think this is wonderful. I totally support it. Sometimes, you have to invest in a little outreach, and you just know the other side will surely...
Some CNN Presenters need a damn good smacking What IS IT with these dopey presenters? Look at that smarmy (sad shake of the head) pre-judging of the video you are about to see. Isn't it awful? Those BAD, BAD cops. Those poor people. Dear, dear. That should be a law suit, eh? A Hunnered thousand? Quarter million? Half? This was the furious comment I posted on YOUTUBE....
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