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The following is my account of an incident that I experienced as an Auto-Track Radar Repairman in the USAF. Names were either modified or omitted for the usual reasons. I was a Sr. Airman assigned to the maintenance shift at Detachment 1, 1CEVG La Junta, Colorado. Det 1 was one of many sites across the states that aided in the training of pilots for the purpose of improving bombing skills and threat evasion. We accomplished this by acquiring and tracking military aircraft as they'd attempt simulated bomb runs over a virtual war zone consisting of rancher's silos and farm houses. The TSQ-96 was a Vietnam era radar system but still up for the task in this, the early 1980's. In charge of the 96 and my immediate supervisor was a rather portly Staff Sergeant that reminded me of a... So you think YOU are different...? Seems to little moi that folk are SO amazingly different, yet so amazingly similar, when it comes to emotions, hopes and outlook, expectations and disappointments. I've been a hero to some, and a villain to others. Take your pick. I try real hard. Maybe I fail real hard. It's not for me to say. But, always, I've picked... Hey! Gonna STAR in a MOVIE...!! In the same way as it could be said that we little humans have a TICKET to ride, I tend to think (I know, I'm mental) that we also have a chance to STAR in our own MOVIE.  The image of the Mad Conductor comes to mind, facing a blank wall, and assiduously directing the strains of an invisible Symphony Orchestra that only... Hey! Gotta TICKET TO RIDE...!! For some reason, I have long thought of Life as being a privilege to live. It seems to me that we all get this one, precious, TICKET-TO-RIDE. The lucky sperm, as it were. The guy who beat a couple of thousand other frantic tadpoles to it. Hay-hay! Look at ME...!  Bingo...!    In this manner, I tend to... The Overview Effect If you're not familiar with that term, "Overview Effect", it is explained in this video. If you are stuck down in a cave, I know it's a long, long way from there to this 'Overview'. As a pilot for many years, I have been extraordinarily blessed to make my own observations of All Our Mother, Earth. Here's some of my... The Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan It's not that hard to end up in a Lonely, Dark Place.  Every year, some one million human souls, world wide, choose to end their lives.  That's one, every forty seconds. By 2020, the World Health Organisation estimate that to increase to one every twenty seconds. It's hard for me to even begin to grasp the scale...
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