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So let's get on with it. We must put the case for Brexit anew. We must take nothing for granted. It doesn't matter what we do with the money. We can put it in the NHS or buy pink elephants with it. The point is it's hard working British peoples' money and it should be spent on them. The EU is not democratic. The people who run it are oligarchical despots - and not benevolent ones either. Paying all this money for "free trade" - what a contradiction in terms! And who benefits? Not the ordinary people who stump up the cash! And why, for this "free trade" do we have to let Brussels/ Strasbourg (EU have two Parliaments) make 59% of our laws? How does that work? Well, it doesn't. We only rubber stamp their commands in our Parliament. We are vassals and our Parliament is a puppet EU... The Wood cries out to the Chisel The wood cried out in agony to the chisel:  "Why are you hurting me so?" But for a long time, the chisel never replied.   At length, when the shapeless block of wood had been transformed, the woodworker stood back, and said: "Like this I have made you. In this shape. Through pain, and doubt, through... We know very little - much is hidden        The world is full, as Carl Sagan said, of "confident religions". Lots of Holy Men, Gurus, both religious and secular, spouting forth about everything (Religion, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Multi-culturalism, Football) with an unswerving authority, based on this book, that... Compassion/Feeling is not weakness How many people stumble over that one? Hey, isn't our society WELDED into the concept of "Tough"? Dirty Harry? "Make my day, punk!" Violent video games, nasty, sadistic stuff, and it is any wonder that the best among our young people suffer mightily for their feelings? It needs saying again:... Space Ship Earth Without a doubt, this photo of hands, gently cupping the fragile "Pale Blue Dot", is deeply touching to many of us. We see planet Earth as beautiful, threatened, fragile, resilient (despite Man), and simply awe inspiring. If you have a philosophical bend, you might like to ask yourself WHOSE HANDS are offering you that brilliant globe? Maybe... THE STREAM              last update: 12/9/16   step # 19   Embrace the Yearning A Decision to be made List of possible Stepping Stones Across   -   pick any one    ...
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