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The awesome, trendy, indubitably sexy, Morris Minor Helping Brother Ambrose (Part 2)      So there he went, this lanky, six foot two, black leather jacketed, goggle wearing, mean, tough, real biker Hell's Angel dude. Tottering along. Slightly unsteadily. On a Honda Fifty.  It was a source of pride to me. And I felt almost emotional. A sense of...
Helping Brother Ambrose  (Part 1)      I have often meant well in my little life, but with the unfortunate subtlety of a left handed meat cleaver.  I used to always have these lofty, noble ambitions, that I should pursue Wisdom and Enlightenment, and spread Good Cheer and Good Will to all mankind. Be nice to all Living Things....
Him? Don't mind him... He wants to be a chopper pilot! Graffiti Art:  Is this really a good career choice?        For what it's worth, probably not-a-lot, I have dropped comments and blobs and the odd bomb all over the Internet. Luckily, the Internet being the size it is (although a tiny insignificant fraction of a pixel), it is still...
Red Dust Part 2:   In the Shadow of the Turtle, Meditation.       On that same Angola beach, where I watched the ripples roll in, and die, smoothly, on their very last stage of their Long March, there were mounds of sand. Turtle nests. Former... turtle nests.      With an air of decay, and emptiness, and...
Red Dust :   If you need a teacher                It is a few days afterwards. The rain has eased off, but it is still blowing hard up here. The plucky "Little Bird that flew off Slea Head" is around, somewhere. I wonder about him. And the story I wrote out about him. Already, it seems, chiseled...
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I'm real relieved that "Moggy's Tuna Manual" is finally published, and here is the link: Unlike the other series, "Blip on the Radar" and...
Posted 6/10/2013      Kentucky Fried God - New Cyberportal One of the issues we ran into, as the site grew steadily bigger, was the fact that people would say they were visiting for the...
    Posted 6/10/2013      WWW.HELISTORIAS.COM I have received a lot of interest over the years from Spanish speaking helicopter pilots, who expressed a wish to read our stories in...
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