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Tonight, at sunset begins a ancient tradition that began thousands of years ago with the Celtic people.  It is called Samhain, (pronounced Sow-en).  It is one of the Celtic high holy days, and actually is November 1.  Since the Celts used a lunar calendar however, the celebrations always begins at sunset on the eve of the day.  Samhain's name is...
I miss my Dreaming        (About my passionate love of flying, and the way the weather   changes suddenly and dramatically for the worse, and can trap an unwary pilot, even kill him. But it's also a frustrated metaphor of sorts,  for when I ache to read and write and quietly explore my simple, naive thinking, when I ache to 'pull...
I've reading all these articles about making medical marijuana legal across the United States.  I also read a lot of comments - some funny, some exhorting the harmful effects of marijuana and warning how legalizing it for any purposes would cause the war  on drugs to escalate and more people become addicted to marijuana.  Now, I know the effects of marijuana and I...
Men know that gods rarely ask. So we learned to read the colors carving the sky; the wind and sun on rocks baking dry; and the winding strings of opened things as cracked bones cry. We started searching for our answers. Spelling prayers from clouds of smoke and ashes spread above our eyes. Still the sun was all to break in the heavens, and we were left again with "why?"...
I have a friend who is going through a personal health crisis.  That is always tough.  Somehow, it is more than frightening to consider our lives and think of it interrupted by necessary treatment.  It is also frightening to consider our own mortality and such events always bring us to thinking about that.  More often than not, that is not the result, but...
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I'm real relieved that "Moggy's Tuna Manual" is finally published, and here is the link: Unlike the other series, "Blip on the Radar" and...
Posted 6/10/2013      Kentucky Fried God - New Cyberportal One of the issues we ran into, as the site grew steadily bigger, was the fact that people would say they were visiting for the...
    Posted 6/10/2013      WWW.HELISTORIAS.COM I have received a lot of interest over the years from Spanish speaking helicopter pilots, who expressed a wish to read our stories in...
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