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Tommy Robinson, a British Patriot I posted this answer to a question on "Quora", which I have found to be a Left Wing front, with strong Democrat prejudices. As I do not share that persuasion at all, I like to amuse myself in posting answers which are instantly blocked by their moderators. QUORA QUESTION: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF TOMMY ROBINSOM AND HIS ANTI-ISLAM MOVEMENT?...
Cultural Coliseum- Spanish Vs. Filipino and Johnny Bravo El Gringo Captians Log…Star-date 03-01-2016, I have always wanted to write that!  Now that is out of my system…Let the scribbles begin! Traveling and seeing different cultures is exciting and always a valued experience for me. I feel that it gives a person an education unmatched to any other formal education. I do...
The Mitochondrian Manipulation.       "I'm very sorry, Sir", mumbled Jeremy Thumblewick. He was a small man in stature, barely four foot three inches tall, and he looked forlorn and beaten. He was now gazing sadly at the floor, and fidgeting in a mighty embarrassment. He couldn't even bear to look up into the apoplectic face seated above him, glaring...
Path to Pilot….Everyone's Journey is different My Message Have you ever woken up and realized-- I hate my job, the person I am, and especially the location I live?  Every mimicked day of misery begins with the most irritating noise an alarm can make, realizing it's time to wake-up… well almost. Following this thought by slamming my hand on the magical snooze button to give...
Losing your marbles? You ain't seen squat...! 3/2/2016 I am constantly entertained by the human species. On the one hand, we have dark, 7th century, Islamic fundamentalist retro-humanity quasi-religious zombies running around toting AK-47's. Chopping people's heads off. Enough to make you despair. Masquerading as feeling, intelligent human beings, they allow their imams and Holy...
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I'm real relieved that "Moggy's Tuna Manual" is finally published, and here is the link: Unlike the other series, "Blip on the Radar" and...
Posted 6/10/2013      Kentucky Fried God - New Cyberportal One of the issues we ran into, as the site grew steadily bigger, was the fact that people would say they were visiting for the...
    Posted 6/10/2013      WWW.HELISTORIAS.COM I have received a lot of interest over the years from Spanish speaking helicopter pilots, who expressed a wish to read our stories in...
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