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Ch.36 THE LONELY SKY The lonely sky... Thirty miles on the wrong side of the lines. Cold. Wondering whether, any second, the tortured metal components spinning around, red hot, under the cowling, will simply give up the ghost, and seize solid. Any other enemy scouts? Amazingly, no. Not yet. Fuel? What fuel. It is better not to ask. Damage? Colossal. The...
Ch.35 THE VIGIL It was nearly six p.m. Lt.Jeremy Armstrong was now officially overdue some ten hours. The atmosphere in the mess was very subdued. Mac, despite the protestations of the M.O., who wanted to transfer him to the field hospital, had walked out of sickbay, and had temporarily partly anesthetized himself with a potent mix of whiskey and gin. His hand had...
Diary (5) A Turtle stuck on a pole Nov 9th, 2008 Well, the elections are over, and Obama has won. I'm enthused. Not. I didn't vote for him. But I didn't vote for McCain either. I didn't vote at all. Now before you accuse me of lethargy, and apathy, and tell me that it's because of derelicts like me that the country is in the state it's in, let me tell you this: I can't...
Ch.34 DAWN PATROL Dawn. That magical time. Perfect stillness. Quiet. A world asleep. Not a breath of air. Quiet. Somewhere, far away, a hesitant tremolo. Silence. Hush. The world is asleep. Dead perhaps. No Hope. Nothing stirs. The lone musician... Be quiet. Let the world sleep. Another tremolo. Won't go away, this one. An answer. From the distance. Different song....
Ch.33 SHADOWS IN THE FIRE It could have been a great day. It very nearly was. The day the Master Plan went into operation, and worked. Spectacularly. Until the very end. Jeremy grimaced in reflection, shaking his head in disbelief. Why...? * * * The airspeed in the dive was on the upper limit. He dared not go any faster. Reluctantly, he rolled a bit of throttle...
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