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So let's get on with it. We must put the case for Brexit anew. We must take nothing for granted. It doesn't matter what we do with the money. We can put it in the NHS or buy pink elephants with it. The point is it's hard working British peoples' money and it should be spent on them. The EU is not democratic. The people who run it are oligarchical despots - and not benevolent ones either. Paying all this money for "free trade" - what a contradiction in terms! And who benefits? Not the ordinary people who stump up the cash! And why, for this "free trade" do we have to let Brussels/ Strasbourg (EU have two Parliaments) make 59% of our laws? How does that work? Well, it doesn't. We only rubber stamp their commands in our Parliament. We are vassals and our Parliament is a puppet EU...
Tired of this pressured, packaged, pleasure with the paint and plastic label, "Love." Get the hell away from me. Keep your flimsy velcro "Matching" stuck to something that cares. Maybe the ass of some ape still impressed with mere pretty colors and shiny faces. The only match I want is one I can strike and set fire to your glittery, prostituted images of fantasy ideals. Before you...
Ugly Punch hazing from the sunrise, for its eyeing me, and unfriendly doing so... why, did I take that much; knowing today would surely offer only more ugly punch 5-2-08
Have a Heart don't go makin' problems, so what if he shot your poor dog, then punched-out your ol' ill mother, after burnin' down your place... don't you have a heart for those criminally insane 5-4-08
For You My Mother One hundred roses I am giving you My dearest mother for the love, Especially when I have tripped And fallen on my knees, Your kisses were like medicine. The love you gave freely from your heart. Guided how to go through life you show me how to be the person I have become. You have always been there not enough words to say, "I love you." Dearest...
"Fight, flee, or freeze," she articulated the options. And remembering, I knew she was right. "I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you and your family," he said with that sinister sincerity. And I said nothing. His words hit my body like a wall. My body like a wall. I let nothing out; all in me tensed against: "I'm sorry for all the pain." My pain like ice--crystallizing the...
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