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405 Barber Street photos
Ch.23 CHECK RIDE They were at 9000 feet, and had been patrolling up and down their sector of the line for some forty five minutes. Jeremy was flying formation on Baxter's right, whilst a funny Scotsman named Mac Robertson formated on Baxter's left. Occasionally Baxter had waggled his wings, and pointed to principal landmarks. A railway line, a viaduct, a triangular...
Ch.22 GOODBYE TO THE FAMILIAR It was a full three days before Jeremy was summoned once again to McAllister's office. He used the time to rest and recuperate. The strange experience of sitting around, inactive, in a mess with a war going on, made him go deeply introspective again. He had many serious conversations, as well as one crazy drunken binge. He was convinced...
Ch.21 THE CHASE Dawn came slowly, and found Jeremy sitting on a fallen tree trunk, barely alive. He was utterly exhausted. He had tripped and fallen many times, and he was quite unsure of the direction in which he had traveled. The ground mist had thinned out a bit during the night, enabling him to plot a rough course from the stars. He had recognized the Plow, Orion, and the...
Ch.20 CRACKS IN THE GABLE Part of the problem was that they talked and thought too much. He would listen to the conversation at mealtimes sometimes, and pretend to be lost in his own thoughts. His mind was razor sharp however, and he excelled in the quiet comment from the top of the table, interjected dryly at just the right time. It was gratifying when his remark...
Ch.19 STRANGE AWARENESS First came the slow awareness that something was going on. Something... was most definitely occurring. Something which warranted his attention, only... At times it was like a dream tossed sleep. A knowledge that had not yet achieved the awareness of self. A consciousness that tried to grapple with that which seemed very important....
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