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I am an honest love of music. I am captured in waves of rhythm and vocals, strained in tightly woven designs with emotions tracing through in the invisible frequency connecting note to note. I wish you were here to share this with me. I lose myself in pulsing beats and sighing words. Decrescendo of the soul. Power chords raise spirits to heights avoided in everyday life....
These memories demand I halt. They scream at me, and my blank face burns at the steam pouring from their open mouths. What do you want from me? They are cold and silent now, like the unfathomed reaches of space. They slowly raise and point fingers at me, in mute accusation, calling up this Lethe. Icy waters rush with sadistic force into my mind. So cold it cuts....
Chapter 4 TO TRAVEL HOPEFULLY Jeremy journeyed to France feeling a mixture of emotions. The decision, once made, after such intense soul searching, to go to war, had brought little spiritual respite. His mind whirred feverishly on. He was excited at the prospect of doing lots of flying, but nervous of new surroundings, new people, new routines. He...
The day is ending in silence the birds have flown away only a few leaves are left on the branches in those neighbouring gardens. I sit silently thinking of you again only my special song is playing "sweet Fur Elise"-my favourite song dedicated to you, my friend... I was thinking of you that evening the feeling was great! These miles that separate us melted away...
Ch.1 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS Jeremy Armstrong lay in bed, gazing up at the ceiling. Wondering. He took another swig of beer, and realized he was getting quite drunk. It didn't matter. He had nowhere to stagger to. He was already home, in bed. Strangely, that was part of the problem. The coal fire had nearly burned itself...
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