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The following is my account of an incident that I experienced as an Auto-Track Radar Repairman in the USAF. Names were either modified or omitted for the usual reasons. I was a Sr. Airman assigned to the maintenance shift at Detachment 1, 1CEVG La Junta, Colorado. Det 1 was one of many sites across the states that aided in the training of pilots for the purpose of improving bombing skills and threat evasion. We accomplished this by acquiring and tracking military aircraft as they'd attempt simulated bomb runs over a virtual war zone consisting of rancher's silos and farm houses. The TSQ-96 was a Vietnam era radar system but still up for the task in this, the early 1980's. In charge of the 96 and my immediate supervisor was a rather portly Staff Sergeant that reminded me of a...
Touch Too Much touching is just; but somtimes it leads to far too much... then we must marry with shotgun barrels handy 3-09-08
Childhood Fantasies upon this summer concrete, we'd kneel and doodle... creating our childhood fantasies all over warm walkways 3-09-08
Ch.12 MIRROR OF THE SOUL Sainte-Breuve-sur-Pont 24th February 1917 Dear Pater and Mater, Not a very good few days. Feeling a bit better now, but I must admit I've spent four days grounded, trying to get my brain sorted out. War! It certainly gets some people going. Life's different for me now, and...
Ch.11 HATE THY NEIGHBOR Jeremy realized he was almost in a trance, circling the burning wreck, his gaze fixed in horrible fascination on the results of his action. Dismay and guilt was giving way partly to another emotion that shocked him in its growing intensity. A savage satisfaction. It was as if two voices were hammering through his brain. The first, full of...
Ch.10 THAT OTHER WORLD The old farm was getting on her nerves. How she missed Paris! The days were dragging by. She enjoyed her new horse, and called him 'Pecadillo', which means 'small sin'. It seemed appropriate. Her father had chosen well, and Pecadillo was healthy, lively, good natured if a trifle unpredictable when the very occasional motorized vehicle...
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