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The following is my account of an incident that I experienced as an Auto-Track Radar Repairman in the USAF. Names were either modified or omitted for the usual reasons. I was a Sr. Airman assigned to the maintenance shift at Detachment 1, 1CEVG La Junta, Colorado. Det 1 was one of many sites across the states that aided in the training of pilots for the purpose of improving bombing skills and threat evasion. We accomplished this by acquiring and tracking military aircraft as they'd attempt simulated bomb runs over a virtual war zone consisting of rancher's silos and farm houses. The TSQ-96 was a Vietnam era radar system but still up for the task in this, the early 1980's. In charge of the 96 and my immediate supervisor was a rather portly Staff Sergeant that reminded me of a...
King Tutankhamen the youngest and famous Egyptian Pharaoh no doubt... His tomb was found not touched by anyone. King Tutankhamen at his early age was the most powerful one. Boy Emperor...A son of Amenhooptep the King His residence in Memphis Now Cairo… He was very young when the War broke down. The youngest Emperor suddenly died. They buried him in the Valley of...
Beating on the glass wall I found myself beating crazily almost hysterically on the glass wall invisible but invincible that our society from birth surrounds us with. We are men our role models abound: John Wayne Clint Eastwood Donald Trump Ken Lay and all the other shining examples of virtuous chivalry stiff upper lip brawn and guts, and never, ever, show softness....
I have been always fascinated by Moon and discovery of this unique sphere kept me for years in suspension what truly is on the Moon? Is there any Life? Are there any possibilities for the future that we can think of relocating I have been meditating on the question reading books about it written by people who all say emphatically - Yes! I went to sleep begging the...
Walking along the temples Carved in a solid rocks On the West bank of the Nile. Long after the Ramses Build the temples For the Sun of God. The sacred land That still holds the mystery of many Cultures. The solid walls Made out of brick When Ramses was there. He looked often at the beautiful river and prayed to God in adoration. History says-the Gods were adored by all...
The Red Room (Sheer Terror) with a simple shot, all rang sheer terror; and no one knew just what to believe... nor do, but still, the sick red painted all of the rooms' many corners; and nothing would change this choice or mistake made 1-12-08
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