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" "The longest journey starts with but a single step"
(Old Chinese proverb) "
About me . . .
I am a non-violent person. I don't understand war, Iraq, crime and hate. I love beautiful things. I love peace. Having said that, I recognize the world is not like that.
A friend put me onto Mr Meyrick's story 'If you are good'. That was something unusual. From that I have graduated onto his novel, which I am currently reading. I have an open mind, so far I like some but not all his stories. I do enjoy the web site. After MySpace and some of the other websites, Writer's Harbor is refreshingly clean and free from clutter and intrusive advertisements. I don't write much, but I would like to support this site through participation.
I think it's going together well.

I enjoyed this. I think your theology is perhaps a little...
I really like this.

"I listened...
Such rich power of words you have....
Well I do enjoy this audio addition!
Wonderful to...
"Crushing seas of sand rush through the words I do...
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