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Location:Texas, USA

Naturalized US Citizen of Irish extract -  

Fixed Wing and Helo trucker.Interests: "The Absurdity of Man".

I am a proud supporter of Blarney, Nonsense, and Hooey.

I enjoy being a chopper jockey, and trying to figure the world, people and belief systems out. I'm just not very good at it, so it keeps me real busy. I scribble, blog, run this website, mess with rental houses, ride motorbikes, and read as much as I can. I went solo 44 years ago, and I like to say I'm gonna get me a real job one day. When I grow up. ("but not just yet, Lord, not just yet")

For my aviation scribbles see enjoy!

I wish you Peace in your Life. May you always walk with the sun on your face, and a breeze ruffling your hair. And may you cherish a quiet wonder for our awesome Universe. Life isn't always good. But it is always fascinating. Never quit.

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