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Francis Meyrick's Story Guide
April 17, 2011

Welcome... Smile
We are still happily experimenting with the functionality of this site. Trying to get all the bugs out before we (hopefully) grow. We're hoping to end up with a site that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and gives writers "personal studios" to arrange as they wish. A peaceful, creative site, with no delusions of grandeur. See "Piano Lessons" for an insight into our simple philosophy.
Each writer is at liberty to word his or her own "Writers Story Guide". You access the facility through "account" and "edit profile details". All the tools you see here, including the hyperlinks, are available to ANY member of this site. As an example, I have posted my 'story guide' below. Fly free, my friend...

Any WRITERS' GROUPS who are interested in a home in cyberspace, are very welcome. The software for groups is in trial mode, and permissions and access can be "tweaked" over time to suit users. Let us know how YOU would like it, and we'll try and cook it!

I myself have posted one novel on this site ("Jeremy's War") in its entirety. In this I explored anti-war sentiment, WW1 aerial warfare, and inner, emotional and spiritual warfare. The Universal Soldier, young and idealistic, the pawn of politicians, generals and patriotic tradition, is still a human being.
And some eight of the chapters of my next novel ("The Tuna Hunter")

In this second novel, I'm trying partly to focus attention on the dangers of "over fishing" and mindless pollution in the world's Oceans. It's absolutely beautiful out there, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Man must learn to treasure and protect these vast waters. It is imperative that the fishing nations send independent observers on fishing vessels. The domain is a cyberportal into WH, and there you will find many references to environmental issues.

To find your way around the site, there are two primary methods. Method #1: Click on "Francis Meyrick" and then "view all works". And some 11 pages of titles comes up. Or you can use method#2. Click below on any of the "orange" titles, which are hyperlinks, and take you direct to the story:

Jeremy's War:  Novel Chapters
Jeremy's War: Introduction by the author
Jeremy's War: Prologue
Jeremy's War: Chapter 1 "Sleepless Nights"

Once you are in the novel, look down to the lower left of your screen, (you may have to scroll down) and you will be able to see "Series this belongs to". click on any chapter.
The chapter you are in will be in black letters. Others will be in yellow.
And the same software ("Series this belongs to") applies to my second novel. It's not quite finished, but I posted some chapters to see if there was any feedback, and to give myself an incentive.
The Tuna Hunter Ch.1 "The Empty Quarter"

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Poetry  (12 so far)

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Articles on Writing  (4)

Piano Lessons
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Auto-Biographical   (10)

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Research projects:
1) FDR and the Great Depression.
Was he a good president,one of America's greatest, or a complete klutz? Who haphazardly mismanaged the economy, and betrayed the trust of his voters? A political deviant, who misled the American public on a gigantic scale?
I have a series of articles and book reviews exploring both sides of the question. I'm no expert. Just very interested.
I'd like to write a novel about FDR and the Great Depression. Hence a sincere attempt to understand both sides of the argument, whilst trying to avoid being sucked into bitterness, or class ideological prejudices.
2) The West and Islam.
The thousand year war. Stereotypes. The lack of appreciation by many Westerners of the sterling cultural contributions of the Islamic and Arab cultures.
3) The Arab/Israeli conflict
Maybe we just all lose
4) Materialism in the spiritual sense
Most people only define materialism in the property sense, goods and belongings. Money. In fact, I think there is a different materialism at work today, which is worse. A materialism of the mind and spirit. We don't dream anymore.
Or long for a just God. We are too busy pedaling our terribly important little bicycles.
When I look at the sky
Living in a cubicle
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