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I write all kind of funny stuff and some flowerdy junk. If I get a bad review, I'm likely to sit on you! Be nice to the possum, by the way... he's ugly but he's family. Love, Bear
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You're Such An Animal!

Seven o'clock and I'm sitting alone,

Waiting for you to call on the phone.

Long lonely nights without you in my Den,

Thinking about all the mess that I'm in.

That other bear, she meant nothing to me,

Now, Mama bear… how can I make you see!

That even though you don't think it's funny,

It's true… I just wanted her for her honey!

I know that you have so much more to give,

So put down that gun, girl! Please let me live!

I promise that I won't stray ever again,

And I'll keep my paws right where they should have been…

If you let me back in the cave you can bet,

I'll be the best bear that I have been yet.

Besides, now it's winter. It was my one last fling!

'Course I'm a bear, (so there's always next Spring.)

(I'm such an animal!)

If you can't beat 'em, just smack 'em around a little bit...

Simply, Le'
Francis Meyrick

[b]It's kinda funny
the way bears like honey
despite the whack
of a bee attack.

Perhaps it's just
that Man's wanderlust
leads him to try
to poke every pie.

There's a lesson to be learned
before you get burned
Mama Bear's bed
is softer than lead!

Cousin Brown Bear

We little humans, hurtling through the Universe on our tiny, pale blue dot, will find few answers to Life's great mysteries. But we should at least find many of the questions. To write is to ask. To seek. To grope. With humility, and humor. Peace.
Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 02:02:11


How do YOU know Mama Bear's comfort bed number!?!?

Danged rat!

If you can't beat 'em, just smack 'em around a little bit...

Simply, Le'
Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 20:36:39

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