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The Coming European Civil War (11) - Welcome, Refugees

The Coming European Civil War

Part 11:  Welcome, refugees

Dear people of the world,

I bring you greetings.
My name is Ephrem Yohannes.
I am from Ethiopia.

My life has been very hard. We have had a terrible war in my country. If I stayed there, I felt I would have been killed.  I decided I had no choice but to escape my country, and flee to Europe.  I am desperate for a new beginning, and a happy life.  Will you help me?  I am a human being too. Don't  I deserve a chance? Can you honestly look into my face and deny me an equal opportunity?  Now that I have arrived in Sweden, it's still not easy for me. I am very grateful to the beautiful country of Sweden, and the wonderful Swedish people, but I am hurt that many people say nasty things about immigrants. They call us 'rapefugees' and spongers, and they say we will always live off welfare. They say we turn to crime, don't have any job skills, and that we don't even want to work when we are offered opportunities.  This is totally untrue.  I am just glad that we have many friends in the Swedish Government, and Swedish newspapers, who don't listen to all these horrible stories. They know that we bring a great multi-cultural diversity to Sweden, and that we are assets who bring unique human gifts to our host country. They support us, and so far they have brought many of us in. Sweden has a large population, 9.5 million, and in 2015 they only brought 160,000 refugees from the Syrian war in.  That's nothing. In 2016 they are expecting to take in another 190,000. But Sweden can easily handle that.
Thank you, people of Sweden, Government ministers and kind newspaper editors, for your humanitarian assistance, and your great nobility. The way you have reached out to us will never, ever be forgotten. I can assure you of that.  Again, all you deniers and nay-sayers, I ask you just to look into my face, and see there a human being with warm feelings, a good heart, who needs your love and support, and who will repay you with eternal gratitude.
Yours Sincerely,
Ephrem Yohannes

*                 *                  *                *           *

Dear People of the World,

I bring you greetings.
My name is Elin Krantz, and I am a Swedish model.

I love life and I love people.
I believe with a passion, that people like Ephrem Yohannes deserve every chance at human happiness.
I believe we should welcome them without preconditions. We may hope that they may assimilate, but it should never be an obligation. If they wish to keep their own cultural traditions, that is fine by me. We may even learn much from their way of Life.  I am very active on Facebook promoting the cause of these poor people. I sincerely believe we should always take into account that they have been through terrible times. To all those who oppose the arrival of these people, I emphatically say this:
1) Do you understand what many generations of such a hard life will do to ANY person? Imagine yourself going through such a hell - don't you think you would have a problem adjusting to Life in a free and stable country like Sweden is?  
2)  Our only difference is skin color. Pigmentation. Those who suggest that there are other differences, wide differences, are simply racist to the extreme. I am shocked how people will state that the refugees are frequently genetically disposed to much greater violence. They will also say these refuges have very low IQ's, frequently in the range of 75 to 85, which is borderline retarded.  This is simply so uncharitable. You have to give these people A CHANCE. Give them TIME to become acclimatized to Sweden. Give them TIME to heal from the terrors they have been through. SUPPORT them, feed them, cloth them. In TIME, they will come to fully appreciate our democracy, and our Swedish way of Life.
3) FAKE NEWS. I am so sick of fake news. It is only inevitable that there will be the very occasional crime committed by immigrants. So what? We Swedes also commit crimes. I truly believe that the accusations that these poor refugees are obsessed with raping Swedish women are totally exaggerated. I trust our Government. They would never lie to us.  They would never hide information from us. The reports that there is a crime wave are totally fabricated. That is the work of mean-spirited far right extremists.
So, please, good people, join me. Let us simply  love and support the refugees. Let us open our borders, without preconditions or quotas, and above all else, let us open our hearts.
Yours Sincerely,
Elin Krantz

*           *               *             *            *


Re:  Elin Krantz
This news item is not news worthy, and will under no circumstances be published or alluded to in any manner.  

*           *           *             *             *


The Minister wishes to thank your newspaper for heeding our caution, and refraining from indulging in sensationalism, or maligning our open-door policy of a warm Swedish welcome to the poor unfortunates of the world. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.

*         *             *             *            *



1)  (click on this link) The Gentleman concerned LIVED IN THE USA for a while, and committed NUMEROUS CRIMES++++  
                Maybe, Liberals, Mr Donald Trump HAS A POINT with his travel ban??

2)  (click on this link)  If only Elin Krantz had used her super magic Jedi Force Field Powers

3)  (click on this link)     Swedish woman murdered by the Muslim refugees she supported

4)   (click on this link)    Man Guilty of ruthless Gothenburg killing - court

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