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Welcome to our page. Here you will find homes for rent or sale. We will have photos up very soon of the houses that we have. Currently all are located in the piney woods of Sabine County, East Texas. We are just West of Toledo Bend reservoir, world famous bass fishing lake, and a short drive North East of Sam Rayburn reservoir.  Hemphill is located in about the middle of Sabine County. It is a small, unhurried, old world town, and a favorite spot for many retirees.

What do we do?

We buy houses, and repair them. Then they are offered for sale or for rent. We stay 90 to 100 % rented nearly all the time. We also have multi year long term tenants. Some have said they are perfectly able to buy, but prefer to rent. They find the cost of ownership (insurance, rising property taxes, repairs, uncertain political & economic outlook, rigid locked-in commitment) a disincentive. That appears to be an increasing trend in today's world.

What rental periods & terms?

Typically we offer 6 or 12 month leases. We don't do short term, so-called 'vacation' rentals. We require credit checks, one month's rent up front deposit, first month rent paid in advance. We much prefer to contact previous landlords for references. Having said that, we have had renters who are building million dollar SECOND water front homes, and just need a place short term. We seriously won't be asking to contact your previous landlord.

Can we rent first, before we decide to buy?


It it breaks, will you fix it?

Yes. We try and keep everything tip-top. Small repairs (below $175) are the responsibility of the tenant. (otherwise we would be called out to change the light bulb in the cellar) But everything else we try and fix clippety clop. Except marriages. We stay away from those. Oh, and Yoga chanting, tattooed, tuba playing, one armed unicyclists.


1)    230 South Lighthouse Drive, Harborlight, Hemphill, Texas, 75948.
Currently undergoing upgrades. 3 bedroom, two full bath, brick-on-slab.  Central A/C. On two full lots.
Harborlight is eight minutes north east of Hemphill.  Quiet, safe area, many retirees. Boat ramp is across the road.
Rent: $895 per month  12 months
Price:   to be determined.  Guide price: $120,000

2)      405 Barber Street, Hemphill, Texas, 75948
Currently undergoing upgrades. 3 bedroom, one bath, wood frame. On one and one third grassy acre. Grazing for small animals, subject to any local ordinances. This is a quaint ninety plus years old house, and we are trying to fix it up nice without losing all the old character. It also benefits from a modern, steel storage building some 20 by 18. Ideal work shop or triple/quadruple garage.

click here for more photos

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