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Oh, it's not about Me.   It's about Life. The Writing. But for what it's worth, my background includes both fixed wing and rotary flight instruction given, business, and various experiences all over this lost little planet, with its exquisite (albeit threatened) biosphere. People puzzle me. Their priorities bemuse me. Money? Power? Houses? Cars? Status symbols? Winning? Winning what? For me, I'd rather just back off, to my own little private place in Space. It's located just outside our Milky Way Galaxy. There, straining my eyes, I can still make out our Solar System. Although it's kinda hard, against the extraordinary backdrop of so many other stars. And I know that somewhere there, lost in the Universe, is a small, threatened, awesomely beautiful, rocky and watery planet. We call it Home.  For now, anyway. Let's tend to it, and to each other, with kindness. For we, simple ones, we know nothing.
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Letters to and from State and Local Representatives


An exposure of ugliness and raw greed, confidence tricking and humbug,
and a hit list of those elected officials who actually care Clapping (and those who do NOT)  Yawn

copies of letters to and from State and Local Representatives

                                  (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

A recent article in the local newspaper:


Have you given money to a contractor and have nothing to show for your effort.
Unfortunately, there have been many victims of this abuse in Sabine County. Perhaps you think there is no recourse, perhaps you are embarrassed. Do not give up hope. There is help. Here are some contact numbers:
1. Attorney General office 1-800-621-0508
2. Legal Hotline 1-800-622-2520
3. Lone Star Legal 1-800-354-1889
4. Texas Veterans Legal Assistance 1-800-622-2520(use Veterans option)
5. Veterans Land board 1-800-252-8387
If you have a computer get on the Attorney Generals web site for recommendations to protect your self.
Here are some recommendations to help should you be looking to have work done.
1. Get several bids. Ask friends, family members at church who they used.  A strong note of caution here. The lowest bid might not be the best. You might get what you pay for.
2. Get a contract. Have it spell out EXACTLY what is to be done. Do not be quick to sign a contract. Be sure you understand all that is there. Have it specify when the work is to begin and when it will be finished.
3. Do your homework on materials. Understand the different grades.
4. If you have a place to store the materials order them yourself. Be on hand when the materials are delivered. A contractor will mark up the cost of materials 20 to 30 %. Some suppliers will offer discounts for Veterans, Seniors and such. Usually about 10%.
5. Try to be on hand every day. Inspect the work done and be sure it is done correctly. If there are any changes in construction after the contract is signed, Rest assured YOU will pay for the   changes.
6. DO NOT pay everything up front. Divide the job into stages. Be careful about signing any document that would allow the contractor to get your home should you not pay.
About me. My family had a home building business and we were the General Contractor. We had to put the bid together, order materials and coordinate the activities of the sub-Contractors. Let's say the house needed an Air Conditioner. We had to make sure the framing contractor had a proper mount for the A/C unit. That the electrician ran the proper wire for power, that the plumber had the correct drain lines run, and that everything met local specifications.

Thank You

Mike McCurley
Hemphill, Texas Resident

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Don't think about making Art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more Art
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