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Oh, it's not about Me.   It's about Life. The Writing. But for what it's worth, my background includes both fixed wing and rotary flight instruction given, business, and various experiences all over this lost little planet, with its exquisite (albeit threatened) biosphere. People puzzle me. Their priorities bemuse me. Money? Power? Houses? Cars? Status symbols? Winning? Winning what? For me, I'd rather just back off, to my own little private place in Space. It's located just outside our Milky Way Galaxy. There, straining my eyes, I can still make out our Solar System. Although it's kinda hard, against the extraordinary backdrop of so many other stars. And I know that somewhere there, lost in the Universe, is a small, threatened, awesomely beautiful, rocky and watery planet. We call it Home.  For now, anyway. Let's tend to it, and to each other, with kindness. For we, simple ones, we know nothing.
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if you are a CONTRACTOR, willing to HELP
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If you are a CONTRACTOR willing to help RESCUE these victims...


So some of these people are hurting badly. I already found one local contractor who was so shocked by reading about case #3, that he said to me:

"I have young daughters myself. This is NOT right. It's getting late in the summer, but I would love to see those girls enjoy their promised pool for what's left of the warm weather. I will be more than willing to heavily discount our services to get the pool going. We normally do Air Conditioning work, so the rest of that mess is not our main line of work. However, let's go there, see what all is going on, and discuss with the homeowner..."

So we have a meeting set up with the hopeful homeowners for next Wednesday, October 4th.
Wait and see.

So if you are a CONTRACTOR, willing to pitch in with some help, contact me at:

That same contractor just called me on the phone, confirming that they are keen to look at this project. This time he added:  "I would hate for people to start thinking that all contractors in Sabine County are heartless monsters. There are may good people. I think other people will jump in to help sort this out as well...."

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Don't think about making Art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more Art
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