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Airport shooting

FlyFly  Admin here: Smile  looks like you tried to post some youtube videos; let's guide you through that, it's not hard.

1) there is a "YOUTUBE" button (red) top right corner.
2) click that, you get:
[youtube]XXXXXXXXXX[/youtube ]
3)  On youtube, if you look at the URL ident, you will see "V=......"  
4) all we need of that is this bit, after "v=".......OMfzb1qX0ZA
5) get rid of the XXXXXXXX
6) [youtube] [/youtube ]
7) stick the bit we want (#4) in there like this:
[youtube](in this space)[/youtube ]

and you get this:

just like that


Last edited by admin on December 15, 2017, 4:33 pm
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