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Oh, it's not about Me.   It's about Life. The Writing. But for what it's worth, my background includes both fixed wing and rotary flight instruction given, business, and various experiences all over this lost little planet, with its exquisite (albeit threatened) biosphere. People puzzle me. Their priorities bemuse me. Money? Power? Houses? Cars? Status symbols? Winning? Winning what? For me, I'd rather just back off, to my own little private place in Space. It's located just outside our Milky Way Galaxy. There, straining my eyes, I can still make out our Solar System. Although it's kinda hard, against the extraordinary backdrop of so many other stars. And I know that somewhere there, lost in the Universe, is a small, threatened, awesomely beautiful, rocky and watery planet. We call it Home.  For now, anyway. Let's tend to it, and to each other, with kindness. For we, simple ones, we know nothing.
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1c) the "famous three" videos that Trump re-tweeted, and that reaped the whirlwind
1c)  the "famous three" videos that Trump re-tweeted, and that reaped the whirlwind

Admin note:  First, the "famous three" videos...


Nov.29, 2017


No matter what way you look at it, it's pretty horrific. I wrote a short opinion on it, and I offer it here.
"1) I have studied the three videos that president Trump re-tweeted from Jayda Fransen of 'Britain First', and their inclusion i.m.h.o. is entirely reasonable, rational, and should promote intelligent discussion. The world-wide, orchestrated hysteria his action has been greeted with, is not based on fact, reason, or even much common sense.
2) the first video of the "Dutch" boy viciously beating up another boy on crutches, has been widely claimed to mean that president Trump is mistaken, and out of touch. I disagree. The attacker is a Dutch boy alright, but the son of immigrant parents. The product of a c-u-l-t-u-r-e. What is at issue is not some cardboard-and-paper passport somewhere, with some notional citizenship, but rather the impossible enforced mixing of wholly alien cultures into a previously peaceful Dutch society. You can NOT mix fire and water. One or the other must capitulate. There is plentiful evidence, should you but be willing to open your eyes and ears, that young immigrants or 'refugees' tend frequently towards extreme, wanton violence. Such violence is frequently directed against one another (when you recklessly import ancient tribal and religious hatreds, and an ingrained, predatory attitude towards women and children), but also frequently directed against the youth of the host country, who are regarded as 'weak' and 'easy picking'. Refugee shelters have seen knife fights and murders, not to mention vicious rapes and murders of pretty, but starry-eyed volunteers, and unfortunate local women.
3) the video of the "purported Isis fighter" smashing up the statue of the Virgin Mary seems genuine enough to me. What are you saying here? It's fake? Staged? I doubt it. Even if it was, is there even the slightest doubt, assuming an intelligent, rational observer, (...) that Islam has a long and bloody 1300 year History of oppression, genocide and rabid religious intolerance? Do the research. In how many countries where they entered (and were received) initially in small numbers, often as 'refugees', did they then violently overthrow their erstwhile benefactors and hosts? Courtesy in part of demographics? The same demographics in plentiful evidence today, but adamantly ignored by the self appointed elites? President Trump's inclusion of this video makes perfect sense to me.
4) The video of the poor guys seemingly desperately taking refuge on a tall roof. From where, they are unceremoniously thrown onto the concrete below. Where they lie, dying, in agony, and in terror? Just another day for the religion of Peace? Well, 'they' couldn't say the video was fake, so 'they' screamed blue murder on two accounts: A) it was several years old and B) including the video 'stirred up hate'. Really. A) Since when is there a term limit on horror? Just because it didn't happen yesterday, or the week before, means it is no longer news worthy? That kind of stuff happens constantly. Lord knows what horrors have taken place in areas that were off-limits to trendy Western, so-called Liberal, so-called journalists. B) so NOT showing this video, promotes peace and harmony, Kum-ba-ya and Teddy Bears? Ignore it, and it will go away? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. President Trump's inclusion of this video makes perfect sense to me.
5) This brings us to the Orwellian prosecution of the leaders of Britain First, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. Draconian Government over-reach on steroids. A vicious, pre-meditated onslaught on Free Speech. I have watched the video where Jayda Fransen walks around Belfast, and points out the looming, ugly "Peace Walls". With the graffiti, the barbed wire, and the soaked in hate of countless centuries of sectarian bloodshed. Whether she is right or not, time will tell. But that she is entitled to her opinion is beyond doubt. And beyond and above discussion. The reason that the tame and servile Police Chiefs, meekly and obediently, are rushing to implement the orders of their political masters, like the good little puppets-on-a-string that they are, has less to do with what Jayda Fransen actually said, and way more to do with a furious backlash against the publicity that Britain First achieved by the fact that the American president re-tweeted those three videos. This is a brute bully-boy thirst for naked revenge. Pay-back. Cost what cost, the increasingly strident voices of popular dissent MUST be shut up. Any-which-way.
6) The British Government is scoring a huge own goal here. But then, where Theresa 'Shariah' May is concerned, we are getting used to it. Her haughtiness is matched only by her stunning dis-connect from the growing -exploding- concerns of a wide cross section of the British people. Deep down, she and her ilk know full well that 'Britain First' does NOT reflect a tiny fringe group, conveniently labelled "Far Right", "Fascist" or "Islamophobic". If they thought that, they would ignore BF. The very fact that the full, nuclear sledgehammer treatment is being brought crashing down on a young and articulate woman's opinion, is not a sign of strength and determination. It is a sign of weakness, craven cowardice, and crumbling confidence in their previous cherished notion, namely that the British people are weak, divided, apathetic and powerless. If 'Britain First' stick quietly to their guns, and express their views in a centrist, rational, reasoned manner, avoiding the hotheads and the ubiquitous trolls trying to cause trouble, then there is every chance their support base will grow exponentially. THAT is what the British self-appointed elites, with their high opinions, and their knee-jerk, pretend-dutiful, lip-service obeisance to 'the will of the people', actually fear the most. A popular backlash against the laughable Brexit farce, a popular clamor against ongoing mass immigration, a popular outcry at what ordinary British men and women see happening all around them, and being FORCED upon them, in their old streets and villages. The self-appointed elites, with their shadowy loyalties and priorities, constantly usurping power away from ordinary British people, might wisely reflect in their leafy, expensive suburbs, that they are watching the blue wick burn ever more steadily. Jayda Fransen held it up. Trump lit it. A lot of us are perfectly good with that."

The reaction from the News Media to these videos was dramatic. Here follow a selection of videos, and depending on your point of view, they either show:

A) how totally President Trump is out of touch with reality, hysterically anti-Muslim, and not to be trusted


B)  how the Official Media are almost universally out of touch with reality, hysterically PRO-Muslim, rabidly anti-Trump, and are no longer independent journalists. They are more party political hacks...

Take your pick!

Last edited by admin on December 15, 2017, 10:18 pm
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