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Excessive Escapism
]Loverboy had a song called "everybody's working for the weekend" and it's largely true.

I have known several people who lived the life prescribed by others. Going into debt to buy an over-priced home, going to college, working at a job they really hated, staying in a terrible relationship; the list goes on.

Many of these people died shortly after retiring when the reality of it all became apparent. Are we working in a vicious cycle to impress people we really don't like with money we don't have?

Historically humans have always wanted something to escape the realities of life which can be harsh at times.  As our society has evolved we have tended to have more things in life. Many of these things have become a means of escaping or maybe maintaining these things keeps us distracted from the real things in our life.

The problem is there is an increasing number of people who indulge in escapism rather than dealing with their responsibilities.
There are groups of people in this world who are guilty of self-victimization. They are truly miserable and very angry while blaming all the wrong people for their misery. This is yet another form of escaping reality.

The opioid drug addiction epidemic is a prime example of how people want to escape reality. One person said: "after a while I was shooting up heroin just to feel normal" There are so many things that one could use as a vehicle for escapism: sex, drugs, work or even a sycophantic belief in a political figure.

Escapism has also fueled the throw-away attitude that is prevalent in society. We used to fix things that were wrong or broken. When we are real in our life we deal with things that are hard: working to become better people, working on a relationship, etc.

The advent of television brought distractions to a whole new level. The family having supper together and interacting went largely by the wayside because of the television; where has that left us?

There are many time wasting and outright propaganda programs that deluge the airwaves. This programming and Hollywood have given unrealistic expectations of life thereby compounding the problem.

Commercialism has an integral role in distracting us from our lives or even dictating what our life will look like if we buy into it.
Strategies to sell the latest Smartphone or vehicle that you will go into debt to buy include: you need this because everybody else is getting one, it's more powerful, you work hard and you deserve it.  We do well to remember that there is a price for everything.

Our politicians employ the envy card to foment anger or jealously of what others have. They appeal to groups of people (identity politics) to make them feel like a 'victim'. Said victim then feels entitled to whatever the politician is proffering instead of seeing through the tactic being employed. Do these people think that the politicians really agree with their position or care about them?

The advantages of keeping distractions to a minimum are numerous. We find out what really is important in life when we scale back our distractions. When we deal with problems as they come up we are much better off than letting them accumulate to the point of seeming insurmountable.

Some things that can show us how good our lives could: becoming debt-free and getting to the point of not letting other's opinion of us dictates our actions.

It's more difficult for people who have built their whole life around what others think of them and or escapism. When we deny the universal truths and intrinsic facts of life, we are setting ourselves up for a big fall at some point. What happens when these distractions are no longer affordable or they lose their effect?

The harder work comes in the form of changing the things in life that we want to escape. It can be done though; it is a process just like anything else. Honest introspection helps to parse out what is real and important to us if we want to be free.

After one becomes indebted or immersed in a lifestyle of distractions to avoid the realities of life; they are imprisoned in the very thing they sought freedom in.
We really don't 'need' a lot of things to live. There are some very poor people in the world who are happy, conversely, there are people who have all the money they could spend and they are very unhappy.

Many of today's youths come out of high school and college with unrealistic expectations of what life looks like. If the masses were not distracted by escapism, apathy and a poor educational system we would see a vastly different world.

Jasmine Lovett

Last edited by Nazjaz on January 31, 2018, 6:18 pm
"I am the master of my fate. I am the Captain of my soul" - William Ernest Henley
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