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Hi, I'm James K. Blaylock and I'm a poet/writer. I'm 34, and I live in Texas... I was born and raised here. I have been writing now for seven years. I'm finally ready to have my work published. I think it's about time that people read my stuff on a mass scale. So I'm looking for publishers or ways... to publish my own books. I am not rich by any means; but I pray that a way shall indeed surface... for my voice to be heard. Hobbies I love music, movies, reading, writting, painting & stargazing (whenever i'm out in the country).
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Your Crying Song
Your Crying Song

taking your disease,

and suffering longly

with this sad pain...

who knew you

were handing out freely,

those aches of shame;

your crying song



James ~ Sad, thought provoking poem.

Depth of feelings in your expressions.

I could relate to this.Speaking

Thank you,

Posted on Sunday, April 6, 2008 at 15:30:12

Alister Flik

Brief but powerful. This may sound weird, but the spacing used between the lines...I found it particularly moving. I'm not sure just seemed to let each line resonate...or maybe hit like a punch. You still feel it afterward. "handing out freely, those aches of shame;" I think this is my favorite. It epitomizes this poem's ability to grasp a great deal of feeling, in a concise statement. Bravo.

"I do not think, therefore I am a mustache."
-Sartre *Nausea*
Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 01:07:13

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