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I live in Canada in a western part of this vast country where the winter lasts for more then six months! I love the country and its people. My country has wonderful lakes and the Rocky Mountains with famous Ice fields. Ice, that lasts for more then four hundred years. There are still wild life like Moose and Bears - And hunting and fishing is common... Ice hockey and ice dancing competitions are the most popular sports in Canada as well as the Calgary Stampede…Now more about me…My hobbies include writing, exercising, talking to friends, listening to my favourite singers Elvis Presley, Sarah Brightman, Enya, some old songs from 70 & 80 and all other kinds of music, and watching TV on occasion. I believe that writing poems is a very good way to express your own individual beliefs, feelings, and thoughts & I always like to make sure that what I write comes from the heart and not merely the mind. I have a wide range of thoughts and feelings to express in my poetry. The inspiration for the poems that I write comes from sources as diverse as listening to my favourite Gospel songs and music. I also like to be able to write poems that people can connect with and relate. I have had poems published in anthologies from the Noble House publishing as well as International Library of Poetry and received and an award for my writes. In the future I want to publish my own book with my own poems and short stories. I am charismatic, optimistic, romantic, passionate, loving, and caring. Enjoy life immensely. I am interested in surfing the Internet, healthy living, Yoga & Meditation, reading, watching movies and videos, writing short stories, poetry, tennis, traveling to warmer locations. Love Photography - Especially the Rocky Mountains...Watching sunsets & sunrises. Take great interest in Architecture, Archaeology, and Fine Arts! I have a special love for foreign Cultures' - Enjoy romantic dinners for two on occasion... Spending time with my family and friends as well as meeting new people... Appreciate honesty, loyalty, and respectfulness of themselves and others... Music & Poetry has been my greatest passion...Peace, Love and Happiness to All.
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My Grandma's Story

There are many faces of the Moon.
Additionally its phases often change.
Always had, and still have
Great impact on people:
Moon in fact has been one of those,
Mysterious, fascinating Orbs.

I was a child when one of my uncles
Visited his friends-
It was dark at night,
However, when the Moon
Raised high on the sky
The night became much brighter.

There were chills over his skin.
He could feel the cold air around him.
Walking alone that night,
He did see, a black bird sitting,
on near fence-he was scared.

The bird was not moving,
my uncle managed get home.
The next day he told the story,
to his mother, what later found,
A ghost looked like,
Phantom appearance
that for anyone could be scary.

History tells us that many years ago,
there was a son living at home.
Mysteriously died one dark night
Not one person knew
Why this young man took own life
Then, there the black bird appeared.

All who knew the story?
Was quite scared walking by?
That place looked spooky at night.
My uncle believed that
it was a wondering soul,
which looked like a bird?

I was young hearing the story
and wondering about that.
My Grandma quite often
loved to talk to my uncle-
"Do not go places all alone,
When the Moon gets full
it can be scary".

I heard them often speaking of
these unusual appearances-
Story, that brought chills,
Goose bumps to my skin.
Not sure, about an unknown
one might never know...
However, one thing is sure
there is the dark side of the Moon.

© 2008 Zuzanna Musial

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