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I write all kind of funny stuff and some flowerdy junk. If I get a bad review, I'm likely to sit on you! Be nice to the possum, by the way... he's ugly but he's family. Love, Bear
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Waking up Bear (intended)

Here in the den, tucked slyly away,
Warm for the winter, while snowbirds play,

I sleep here in silence, as most lay at rest,
And dream of the flowers, and the sun on my chest.

I'll wake in the spring, when things start to growing,
While honey runs smooth, and the wind stops its blowing,

Then poke my head out, to welcome the sun,
Then I'll go get me some honey 'cause, man...

I'm starvin'! (or maybe a biscuit...)

If you can't beat 'em, just smack 'em around a little bit...

Simply, Le'
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