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Location:Texas, USA Naturalized US Citizen of Irish extract -   Fixed Wing and Helo trucker.Interests: "The Absurdity of Man". I am a proud supporter of Blarney, Nonsense, and Hooey. I enjoy being a chopper jockey, and trying to figure the world, people and belief systems out. I'm just not very good at it, so it keeps me real busy. I scribble, blog, run this website, mess with rental houses, ride motorbikes, and read as much as I can. I went solo 44 years ago, and I like to say I'm gonna get me a real job one day. When I grow up. ("but not just yet, Lord, not just yet") For my aviation scribbles see enjoy! I wish you Peace in your Life. May you always walk with the sun on your face, and a breeze ruffling your hair. And may you cherish a quiet wonder for our awesome Universe. Life isn't always good. But it is always fascinating. Never quit.
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A Quiet Song - Now we are Free

Photo: Timothy Gray

A Quiet Song - Now we are Free

After the tumult, peace. After the divisions, caring. To my readers, whoever you are.

One day I'll be gone
quietly moving on
I'm just riding through
enjoying time here with you
I'm hoping the reams
of my oft scribbled dreams
might awaken some stirrings
some soft, quiet whirrings.

Do you ever hear                
musing long,
a quiet song
not far, not near
that makes your soul
ache to be whole,
And your inner being
demand seeing?

Do you ever stare     
some time, some where
across the sea           
pondering the sky
wondering why
the evening light
fades into night?

Have you ever sensed
fleeting but strong
a fragile peace
that lifts you along?
To soar with those dreams
that ripple like streams
forever and bright      
in the never twilight?  

Acceptance of Man
a chuckle with God
trust in His plan
when He gives us the nod
forgiveness of self
-the most difficult call-
then the long, steady steps
to the Banquet Hall.           

What little I can teach
is a warm embrace
my gentle touch
on your hardened face
I leave you Love
soaring free
the fragile Dove

Francis Meyrick

Last edited by Francis Meyrick on September 11, 2011, 3:47 pm
We little humans, hurtling through the Universe on our tiny, pale blue dot, will find few answers to Life's great mysteries. But we should at least find many of the questions. To write is to ask. To seek. To grope. With humility, and humor. Peace.
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