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I am the never ending story with a grand finale
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Ode to a Bug
Ode to a Bug

Poor bug
At the bottom
It was found.
A short life
Shorter made
In this glass
Of lemonade.
I wondered of its dying thoughts
Or if it truly thinks.
Wish I'd found it sooner,
Before I'd finished my drink.


I am the never ending story with a grand finale.
Francis Meyrick

so now we are into bug poetry? Eh? All right then...

Helicopter meets Bug

At a hundred and thirty knots
he didn't exactly have lots
of time to avoid my screen
polished silky clean.

He splattered with a thud
spreading guts and blood
My thoughts were quite unkind
as I pondered his tiny mind.

I guess it's sad to say
but really, the right-of-way,
belonged to my little friend
despite his sticky end.

But when you meet a Bell
blasting along like hell
I'm truly inclined to say


(I know, I know, don't even comment, this was a 3 minute awful... feeling tipsy after a quiet beer) Grin

Last edited by Francis Meyrick on September 8, 2011, 7:55 am

We little humans, hurtling through the Universe on our tiny, pale blue dot, will find few answers to Life's great mysteries. But we should at least find many of the questions. To write is to ask. To seek. To grope. With humility, and humor. Peace.
Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 21:12:31


Actually, that was pretty witty and fun.  Well, not for the bug of course, but I got a laugh out of it.  Well done.

I am the never ending story with a grand finale.
Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 12:27:03

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