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I'm not a writer but I write sometimes, mainly in verse. You can find some of my works at under the name Adelene Tan. My writings are mostly about life, human emotions, and God. I wish to post some of my other casual writings here and I do welcome your comments and feedback. I'm an oncology nurse, a mother of two, and a wife to a wonderful and loving husband.
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A Young Girl's Plea

She plays with fire
and dances with flames,
leaving scars,
surviving memories,
learning lessons.

This ball and chain
she wishes to break free from -
to have them tossed into a bottomless pit,
to have them burned
at the inner core of the Earth.

"I'm only a tiny creature," she murmurs.
"I'm powerless, powerless, powerless!"
"I'm doing the best I can."
"Somethings got to give."
"So help me God!"

Last edited by Adelene Tan on October 8, 2011, 3:21 pm
I like all things quiet and gentle.
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