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Hello, all. I,m baaaaack! I am returning to this site after a hiatus (mostly unavoidable) of several years. I intend to be an active participant once again. Let the music begin! I find it difficult to describe myself. Let it suffice to say that I am a typical man, full of contradictions. I am comprised of equal measures of confidence and angst, optimism and despair. I am capable of courage and cowardice.   Perhaps the words of Plato best describe me; "I know not how I may seem to others, but to myself I am but a small child wandering on the vast shores of knowledge, every now and then finding a small bright pebble to content myself with"
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Once more around the square I cried
The cabbie said okay
You're the one who pays the fare
I'll drive to where you say

This city is unknown to me
I wish to see it all
I find myself as oft before
In a brand new port of call

New sights present themselves to me
That I've not seen before
Delights abound around me now
Upon this new found shore

Tomorrow I must leave this land
And so I have today
To savor all there is at hand
Before I go away

A wealth of new sensations
Are here for me to taste
Drive faster Cabbie time is short
I have none of it to waste

Take me to the market
Where merchants ply their trade
Then show me where the children play
Beneath the trees of shade

I wish to see the river boats
That sail upon the stream
Then I must go to walk the park
Where lovers stroll and dream

Are those cathedral bells I hear?
Will you take me to them please?
The cabbie said of course I will
I can do that with ease

Is there a cafe on a street
Where artists hawk their wares?
And strollers make their placid way
Ignoring all their cares?

If so I wish to go there now
Before we lose the day
Take me to them Cabbie
Without undue delay

The time I have is much too brief
To give this place it's due
Tomorrow I'll be far away
In a city strange and new

For now I'll savor what I can
The cabbie understands
He is used to visitors
Who come from other lands

He has truly earned his wage this day
He has been good to me
Thank you Cabbie very much
For the sights that we did see.

But now the time has come I fear
To take me to the station
The rails will spirit me from here
To another destination

I will awake at morning
From a sleep both deep and sound
Excuse me please Conductor
Will you tell me where we're bound?

Last edited by T. Clifford on October 22, 2012, 2:49 pm
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