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Location:Texas, USA Naturalized US Citizen of Irish extract -   Fixed Wing and Helo trucker.Interests: "The Absurdity of Man". I am a proud supporter of Blarney, Nonsense, and Hooey. I enjoy being a chopper jockey, and trying to figure the world, people and belief systems out. I'm just not very good at it, so it keeps me real busy. I scribble, blog, run this website, mess with rental houses, ride motorbikes, and read as much as I can. I went solo 44 years ago, and I like to say I'm gonna get me a real job one day. When I grow up. ("but not just yet, Lord, not just yet") For my aviation scribbles see enjoy! I wish you Peace in your Life. May you always walk with the sun on your face, and a breeze ruffling your hair. And may you cherish a quiet wonder for our awesome Universe. Life isn't always good. But it is always fascinating. Never quit.
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Kentucky Fried God - Cyber Portal
Last Update:  8/7/2014

Kentucky Fried God - Cyberportal        Spiritual Fast Food           

Yo! "Writers' Harbor" has now been going since 2007. I started it to get away from all the "Nasty" in Cyberspace. Can't we all just get along? If Aliens ever come and surf the Internet to measure Man's Civility and Intellect, and based on that, to decide if we are worth saving as a species...  then we might be in trouble, eh? I have enjoyed corresponding with a surprisingly wide variety of people, on all sorts of topics.  The Universe, Time, The Meaning of Life, the Existence (or not) of an Intelligent Creator , The Purpose (or not) and Meaning of Life,  Spiritualism, Creationism, Evolution, Science, the future of Science over the next few centuries, Astral Travel, Time Travel, Space Exploration, Religion, Christianity, Islam, Materialism, Evil,  Progress, Humanity, and the best way to build a kennel for my pet Dromedary, we have discussed it all.  One problem is that you end up with widely scattered stories and themes spread all over the website.  And even fascinating private messages that ought truly to have been expanded into public comments.
      For the Aviation Theme stories (Helicopters, Hairplanes, Flying, Skydiving, etc) we hit on the idea of introducing a cyber portal  WWW.CHOPPERSTORIES.COM  That seems to have been very popular, and sees plenty of usage. It compartmentalizes similar themes in one easily accessible place. It also forced me to discipline myself to produce what is meant to be an open and easily accessible  "inventory", to which we add material from time to time.   In a similar vein, here goes with the early stages of another cyber portal. This one is dedicated to the theme of Spiritual Searching, in a very loose and flexible use of the term.  
WWW. HARBORSTORIES.COM is the brand new domain. (type it in the wide address bar, not the small search box)
      I have tried to approach it honestly, with a certain tongue-in-cheek gentle humor, and with no fixed or hidden agenda.  I'm not trying to convert you, attain the seventeenth plane of the Zoroastrian Transversity Pink Awareness Bubble, and you don't have to send me any money.  You may well be much more knowledgeable or insightful in certain areas than I will ever be, (sorry, that doesn't take much),  so let's just see where the group walk takes us. I'm relying on my cyber friends to make it an interesting journey.  You can reply any way you wish. (Note 1)  Think of it as sitting around the table in a cozy Old Irish Pub, on a cold winter's day, with an open fire blazing away...

The "headings" below don't pretend to be complete, relevant, or even sensible. It's just meant as a rough inventory, a reference framework to get this Creativity Session started. The Bar is Open! May the Muse be with you!    

       Allegory and Symbolism
       Childhood, Innocence, Early Years
       Compassion, Gentle People
       Evil in this World
       Man's Humanity       
       Man's Inhumanity
       Nature, Species Interdependence, The Biosphere, The Pale Blue Dot
       Searching for... What?
       The Sixth Sense


Francis Meyrick - Diary (14):  Alienation
Francis Meyrick - Of Helicopters and Humans (1) "Living in a Cubicle"
I am the Pin Ball

Allegory & Symbolism

Nothumbs Francis Meyrick - The Little Bird off Slea Head (#1)
Francis Meyrick -The Little Bird off Slea Head (#2)
The Ducks of Finchingfield
Francis Meyrick - The King's Great Castle
Francis Meyrick - I miss the darkness of her Light
Francis Meyrick - The Chattering Brook
Francis Meyrick - Lin-hsia (To be in the Woods)


Derlogi - On Religion and Pascal's Wager
Comment on Nicole Hellene's "On being an Angry Atheist"

Bitterness                                     Your Story? Input? (0)

Legion - The Man that Ruined my Life
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (12)  "No Man is an Island"
Francis Meyrick -Exile

Childhood, Innocence, Early Years                Your Story? Input? (0)
Katie - Learn to be Still
Katie - Summertime    5 STARS
Francis Meyrick - Kentucky Fried God-in-a-Box (#1)               
Francis Meyrick - Kentucky Fried God-in-a-Box (#2)
Francis Meyrick - Going to Confession

Compassion, Gentle People                    Your Story? Input? (0)

Katie - Mr Willard's Going Home Part 1
Adelene Tan - A reflection on what I do for a Living
Francis Meyrick - The Gentle Drunk
Francis Meyrick -The Guinea Pig
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#14) "On Holding hands, and Smoking Pot"
Francis Meyrick - The Winds of Old Ireland (for the love of rhyme and verse)

Confusion                                        Your Story? Input?

Alister Flik - Confusion
Francis Meyrick   Sensual Overload - The Snow Storm
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#13) "The Lady in Blue"
Francis Meyrick - The Fool on the Hill
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#10) "Burning the Garbage; Moggy, Moggy, what you DO??"
Francis Meyrick - Jeremy's War (# 33)  "Shadows in the Fire"
Francis Meyrick - The Burning Soldier (#3) - Silent Warrior
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#8) - Eyes of Dead Man

Evil in this World                               Your Story? Input? (0)

Jessica isn't coming to play today
When Saddam met Satan


Katie - Loving Extravagantly, A Glimpse of Forever
Katie - I am Life without Boundaries
Katie - Wait for Me
Francis Meyrick - The Master's Return
Francis Meyrick - The Road of Light
Francis Meyrick - Diary (1)  "Over the Waves, Alone"
Francis Meyrick - The Blade of Damocles
To my Big Brother
Francis Meyrick - The Ugly Little Turtle
I flew Alone

Man's Humanity                                  Your Story? Input? (0)

Katie - Pour mon bon ami, le Danseur...
T.Clifford - Of Dignity and Despair    5 STARS
T.Clifford - A Rose among the Thorns
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#3)  "Sunshine"
Francis Meyrick - Dreams to Allah
Francis Meyrick - If you're Good...
Francis Meyrick - Untold Stories from Vietnam (#2)  "Chance Encounters"
Francis Meyrick - The Lonely Butterfly (#1)
Francis Meyrick - The Lonely Butterfly (#2)
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#33) "Fly Quietly, for our Friends lie there."
Francis Meyrick - The Murderer

Man's Inhumanity                                 Your Story? Input?
Francis Meyrick -The Burning Soldier ( #1)
Francis Meyrick - The Burning Soldier (#2)
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#20) "Only the Idiots"
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#29A)  "The Hookers are Coming"
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#29C)  "Hotel Excelsior"
Francis Meyrick - Diary (6)  "Maybe we just all lose"
Jeremy's War (Ch.11) "Hate Thy Neighbor"
Francis Meyrick - Abhorrence of War


Nothing (2) - Foremost Love

Nature, Species Interdependence, The Biosphere, the Pale Blue Dot

Francis Meyrick - Die with the Dolphins (#1)
Francis Meyrick - Die with the Dolphins (#2)
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#27A ) "Musing about Mother Earth"
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#27B)  "The Quiet Observer"
Francis Meyrick -The Oystercatcher
Our New Dog
Francis Meyrick - The Tuna Hunter (Ch.1) "The Empty Quarter"
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#11) - Plastic, War, and Manta Rays


Katie - The dark Night of the Soul
Francis Meyrick - Storm and Fire

Searching for...what?                            Your Story? Input?
Katie - Samhain
Francis Meyrick - Revealed Humanity
Francis Meyrick - Sugarloaf Mountain
Francis Meyrick - The Knocking
Francis Meyrick - Floater Me
Francis Meyrick - A kinder, more gentle Cyberspace?
Francis Meyrick -  Peak Awareness    
Nothumbs Of Helicopters and Humans (28) "Beauty and the Wind"        NEW 8/7/14


Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#1)  "Staying with the Herd"
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#2) "Running the Gauntlet"
Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#18)  "Starry, starry Night"
Francis Meyrick - I crave a drop of Solitude
Red Dust (1): If you need a Teacher            NEW 2/28/14
Red Dust(2): In the Shadow of the Turtle, Meditation      NEW 2/28/14
My Hut in the Sky

The Sixth Sense

Francis Meyrick - A Blip on the Radar (#31) "A Strange Premonition"
Francis Meyrick - The Fool of Auschwitz

Last edited by Francis Meyrick on August 7, 2014, 9:46 am
We little humans, hurtling through the Universe on our tiny, pale blue dot, will find few answers to Life's great mysteries. But we should at least find many of the questions. To write is to ask. To seek. To grope. With humility, and humor. Peace.
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