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Location:Texas, USA Naturalized US Citizen of Irish extract -   Fixed Wing and Helo trucker.Interests: "The Absurdity of Man". I am a proud supporter of Blarney, Nonsense, and Hooey. I enjoy being a chopper jockey, and trying to figure the world, people and belief systems out. I'm just not very good at it, so it keeps me real busy. I scribble, blog, run this website, mess with rental houses, ride motorbikes, and read as much as I can. I went solo 44 years ago, and I like to say I'm gonna get me a real job one day. When I grow up. ("but not just yet, Lord, not just yet") For my aviation scribbles see enjoy! I wish you Peace in your Life. May you always walk with the sun on your face, and a breeze ruffling your hair. And may you cherish a quiet wonder for our awesome Universe. Life isn't always good. But it is always fascinating. Never quit.
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Diary - Christmas Day 2015

Diary - Christmas day 2015

To me, this is a sad Christmas Day 2015.

I study the world, and I shake my head in silent disbelief. The human family, of which this small soul is a member, is becoming inured to horrors. Like mindless machines, we trudge along our paths, believing, like the unfortunate Jews being herded to Auschwitz, that it can't possibly be "that bad". I've read a lot of books. I've written a few too. And still I know nothing. It still utterly baffles me how people can inflict the vicious cruelty they do on each other, in the name of Allah, or their "God". I just can't get into the mindset. The worst cancer of all, and there are plenty, is Islam.

Islam has killed more Muslims than anybody.

Never mind everybody else getting butchered, raped, enslaved or chucked off buildings, blown up or just set on fire in a cage. For fun. It is such a DARK cult. Without a doubt. Well, I was reading some of O'Bama's quotes on Islam.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam".
"The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer"
"We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world - including in my own country".
"As a student of History, I also know civilization's debt to Islam".
"Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance"


SAY. WHAT...???? Are you NUTS?

"Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance" ?????

And I guess the answer to my own naive, baffled question is simply this:

"No, he is not nuts. He just made a complete monkey out of, and outsmarted millions upon millions of gullible, uninformed American voters. He also belongs to the brainwashed, walking, Islamic cult dead. Who have no compassion. Only dark dreams of global dominance. And now so many of his astounding Middle East policies are explained."

Turkey supporting ISIS every which way they can? No problem.
Yazidis being slaughtered and enslaved? No problem.
Ancient cultures being wiped out in an orgy of genocide? No problem. None.
Islamic organizations working with the State Department to decide which "refugees" come to the US (100% Islam cult members of course) No problem.
Allowing in millions of illegals from South of the border, who may not be Islam cult members (yet), but who guarantee a permanent one-party Democratic Party rule forever, which is after all wholly infiltrated with pro Islam cult members, NO PROBLEM.

The list goes on. America, what have you done?  It is hard not to despair.
And we have another year of this heartless, calculating monster to go. What "executive orders" and secret manipulations will he yet concoct? We don't know, but we know they will further his declared plan to fundamentally transform America.
"Fundamentally". Indeed.

I wish all of you a sincere year of Peace in 2016.
Last word to Obama: "Throughout History, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality". Yes, I know. Don't laugh.

Francis Meyrick

living in (and loving) the Great State of Texas, where people treat me kindly and well.

Thank you, America.

Last edited by Francis Meyrick on December 26, 2015, 8:15 am
We little humans, hurtling through the Universe on our tiny, pale blue dot, will find few answers to Life's great mysteries. But we should at least find many of the questions. To write is to ask. To seek. To grope. With humility, and humor. Peace.
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