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Oh, it's not about Me.   It's about Life. The Writing. But for what it's worth, my background includes both fixed wing and rotary flight instruction given, business, and various experiences all over this lost little planet, with its exquisite (albeit threatened) biosphere. People puzzle me. Their priorities bemuse me. Money? Power? Houses? Cars? Status symbols? Winning? Winning what? For me, I'd rather just back off, to my own little private place in Space. It's located just outside our Milky Way Galaxy. There, straining my eyes, I can still make out our Solar System. Although it's kinda hard, against the extraordinary backdrop of so many other stars. And I know that somewhere there, lost in the Universe, is a small, threatened, awesomely beautiful, rocky and watery planet. We call it Home.  For now, anyway. Let's tend to it, and to each other, with kindness. For we, simple ones, we know nothing.
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Imagine Time is funky, and Jesus might be possible - one day
Imagine Time is funky, and Jesus might be possible - one day


So I was talking for hours with a veteran, who struggles mightily with PTSD. He was shot in the head, and blown up. He's on anti-depressants, and there's something in his eyes that alarms me. A deep sense of hurt. He's bitter and angry. The sense I have heard expressed so many times by veterans. That they went in to secure objectives, fought and died, lost brothers, got blown up and injured, all for what? To watch smarmy, lightweight politicians like Obarmy grinning at the camera, (in between the seventh and eight green), and -casually - tossing aside their sacrifices and withdrawing unilaterally from hard fought for objectives? They guys don't get it. They are disillusioned with their Government. They thought they were the good guys. Not cannon fodder. They thought they were going to make a difference. They didn't. Life it seems, drones on, without their pointless sacrifices.  

He told me about playing too much with his gun. Dropping the magazine. Counting out the bullets. One by one. Reloading them. Loading the magazine. Slap. Racking the slide. Clack. One in the chamber. Now she's hot. Aim at the television. The book case. The lamp. Out the window. In your mind, dark shadows. Your finger light on the hot trigger.  

He worried me. His eyes were not healthy. That distant gleam of despair. Unbalance. Futility.

He asked me flat out why I stuck around. He had seen "Steps on my Road", my feeble efforts to make a small difference, and he appreciated it. But why? Why give a rat's ass, seemed to be his direction of questioning.

He had seen my stepping stones, and I told him about one that I hadn't written yet. He listened carefully.  He liked it. A lot. So I thought I had better write it. So, here goes.

Next Stepping Stone scribble...

Imagine Time is funky, and Jesus might be possible - one day

Imagine Time is funky.  As little humans (all puffed up with our knowledge) (and wisdom) we tend to think we know it all. It's a trait we have perfected. Nobody doubts anymore. Or wonders. Everybody's too busy yelling at all those stupid people who just don't get it.

Well. Me, I'm both 'Wandering Man' and 'Wondering Man'. If you've ever decided to waste some precious minutes, and have a decko at some of the Mog's scribbles, it will not have taken you long to notice the Wondering thing. I do it a lot. I'm not very bright, so I try my best to puzzle stuff out. I really do. But where as I seem to be constantly surrounded by very enlightened folk, (who often cast stones at my stupid head), I just don't get it. I don't see much certainty. Just lots and lots of wondering.

Take Jesus. My suspicion of organised religion started a long time ago. I always felt (and feel) that there is something of an internal contradiction there. Organized religion. Um. It's like recommending an organized personal relationship with God. Organized. Personal.
Doesn't make intuitive sense to me.  

Now a lot of people believe in Jesus, as the son of God, who died for our sins, was was raised from the dead, to sit on the right hand of God. If you express any doubt on that issue, you get yelled at. Or you get that withering look of disgust. The you-dirty-rotten-sinner look. The don't-you-understand-the-blood-on-the-cross look.  Steam

Me? I don't know. I'll say this though. The bit about "he of you who is without sin my cast the first stone". I always liked that bit. For the times Jesus lived in, that seems to me to have been pretty revolutionary. Extraordinary. So with this and other actions attributed to Jesus, many have the impression of a very kind, wise, patient and humble teacher of men.

Such devotion to Jesus finds expression in a million ways, and the picture attached to this story is just one example. Jesus for many was a gentle soul. Kind. Not like Muhammad, who (if we believe the Koran) was a bloodthirsty fiend.

So imagine, I say. Imagine Time is not a straight line constant. Going one way, at exactly the same speed. There is evidence from the field of Physics that Time is NOT a straight line constant. At all. I have struggled hard to comprehend this, (I know, no surprise) but it seems light coming from distant stars has been measured, and Time is a variable. Time does funky stuff. The faster you go, and all that.

So. Imagine Time is NOT a straight line constant. Imagine that Time curves. Imagine, one day, that you stand at the apex of that curve. See far down the approaching road, and far down the departing road. Maybe even see the beginning, and the end?

And imagine that, one day, in the Future (or the Past?) Man COULD become more like Jesus? Compassionate, patient, wise, gentle? And imagine that WE who are alive today CAN make a small difference? That WE can help that process along? In however small a measure?

Imagine that Man WILL explore the stars? Without blowing up the planet? Imagine that Future Man will be more kind, more wise, more patient, more compassionate?

And WE can make a small contribution to that?

My veteran friend liked that idea. He said he might just write it on his wall.

So I thought I'd better scribble it.

So I just did.

I know. I'm not the brightest.


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